Saturday, June 13, 2015

Building Blocks

Today we are going to concentrate on grouting while they build the scaffolding on the staircase.

We had installed all we could without the scaffolding.

End of day 20!

It's always a perfect fit when you cut on site.

Unfortunately our scaffolding makes some parts harder to reach.

But it also is a good platform for backbuttering!

We lie it out on the ground first to get the proper measurements from the wall.

As we've done for the previous part, we start installing in the middle, along the only straight lines we have.

The top row.

Measuring for the last pieces.

Only 4 small pieces left to install after a month and 6 mosaics at the hospital.

The last piece! End of day 22!

Since everything has been installed, today we will focus on grouting the staircase mosaic.

We will be using at least 5 colors of grout on this mosaic. We are putting black grout in all the black lines. Since the lines are thin it helps to tape around them so the black grout doesn't get into the other areas.

Luckily Valentina has no problem squeezing into tight spaces so she gets to grout this area

End of day 23! We'll post more pictures once the scaffolding has been removed.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tight Spots

This piece has to be cut all over to fit the spot before the landing.

We've cut the top row to fit as well.

We've reached the landing.

End of day 15!

Today we are going to focus on fixes.


We have a lot of holes to fill.

End of day 18!